AUTOMATIC movement

AUTOMATIC movement

An automatic movement is a mechanical movement with a self-winding design. An automatic
watchharnesses the energy produced by motion to wind the spring. This movement features
a rotor that spins when the watch is in motion, as when the wearer moves his arm.
The mechanism transfers the energy from the spinning rotor to the main spring of the winding
system. Automatic watches have all of the advantages of mechanical watches -- detailed
construction, durability -- and the owner does not need to manually wind the timepiece frequently.
If you wear the watch every day, it will maintain its power reserve of 36 hours.


AUTOGEN movement

... a movement for collectors!

ETA SA (Switzerland),the first European producer of watch movements and components, worked
out a product combining electronic precision and mechanical dependability.


An oscillating weight (self-winding mechanism in a traditional watch) transmits the mechanical AUTOGEN movement
energy to the micro-generator through the micro barrel.

The generator converts this mechanical energy into electrical energy and stores it in an accumulator.

The accumulator supplies the integrated circuit with energy. Regulated by the quartz, the integrated
circuit generates the control signals of the motor which transmits these impulses to the gear train
whose wheels and the connected hands are displaying hours, minutes, seconds and the date.


  • it has the precision of the quartz watch,

  • the movement is wound like an automatic watch by the movement of the wrist or by means
    of the crown,

  • the mechanical regulator stores all the motions (quick, slow, strong) and produces maximum
    generator efficiency,

  • the movement provides excellent shock protection,

  • the movement power reserve covers of maximum 100 days (depending on a lot of it is fitted
    out with EOE device (energy need indication) with the second hand advancing every 4 seconds,

  • in order to profit from the great power reserve advantages the movement offers, it can be
    stopped with the stem drawn out to position

  • finally, the "AUTOQUARTZ" caliber doesn't need a battery, which meets requirements of ecology.